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About Jonathan

Well, most call me Jonny. I am a native Rhode Islander who began my life of spirituality in 2012. I have a thirst for knowledge and enlightenment. I immerse myself in meditation, yoga, books, learning and working with other Reiki Masters; constantly seeking to better myself and deepen my understanding. My background consists of martial arts, sports and theater. My life really is a spiritual-centered journey. I have devoted years to become a Reiki master, and to refine my craft. From a young age, I knew this was to be my calling, my gift and life purpose.
In the spiritual community, I am known as a wounded healer and a gifted healer, which makes my ability in Reiki stronger. I am a certified Reiki Master practitioner in Usui Reiki. Through my own healing, I am able to assist others in their own unique healing journey

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About Usui Sensei

The story goes that around the year 1900, Mikao Usui had a near-death experience becoming very ill during an epidemic. This had a life- changing effect and made him reflect upon his life. He started studying esoteric Buddhist holistic healing and he became interested in the teachings of spiritual healers.Later on, he became a Shingon Buddhist at the advice of a priest, who saw in him the immense potential and accepted him as a student.Unfortunately, this led to his expulsion from his family as they would not agree with this new path.But this didn’t stop Mikao Usui from pursuing his dream in finding a higher spiritual path. The 21 Days on Kurama Mountain

His purpose was to achieve ”Satori” – which translates as “enlightenment”. Usui was aware that such a quest is not going to be easy, so he started a long ritual of fasting, meditation, and prayer.After a long and tiring 21 days, he fell into a deep meditative state. It was then when he received a strong beam of bright, white light, shining directly on his head. He also had a vision of the Reiki symbols and how to channel the light through them.He started having a sudden feeling of awakening and excitement and went down the mountain. He was eager to share his experience with his teacher and fellow priests.The story goes that while ascending from the mountain, he stubbed his toe on a rock and fell. He placed his hand over his toe and the healing energy began flowing from his hands.