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(FYI – I do like the images and headings for Emotional distress, insomnia, stress, sorrow or grieving…so if there is a good way to use these statements below to fit in with those, or change the headings and images to fit in with the statements below….(but keep that style)…..that would be good.
• Reiki helps treat and heal all emotional and physical pain; and assists in removing any obstacles in your emotional, physical and spiritual health.
• Reiki helps you with any challenges you or your loved ones may face due to addiction to drugs and/or mental abuse.
• Reiki helps your relationships with other people in your life, and most importantly, your relationship with YOU.
• Reiki helps heal childhood trauma.
• Reiki helps in healing past lives.
• Reiki helps manage, improve, even restore, your physical well-being.
• There is no real limit on what reiki can do where the reiki can go. Below are Reiki Symbols that you may be able to use also, (eg “CHO KU REI”, “SEI HE KI”, “DAI KO MYO” and “HON SHA ZE SHO NEN”): CHO KU REI SEI HE KI DAI KO MYO HON SHA ZE SHO NEN